BFO1036 – Twitta Twatting

The Fat One has been sick but thank goodness there are some voiceletters to play and a special Birth Canal Exiting to celebrate. Happy National Peking Duck Day.


  1. “How the mighty have fallen”

    2 Samuel 1:25

    LOL, I completely agree with you BigFatty! You listeners are as funny and crazy as you are. You do have the funniest (and fattest) listeners!

  2. your listeners

  3. Maybe if you switched off the fake call, the mechanical calls won’t bother you 🙂 Remember you’re not on a date with a pussy cat!

  4. I sent a picture to you of Vera’s parking spot at the Vons – Kim would love to see it…..

  5. What do you mean by fatest Kim? How dare you!

  6. We are all funny but only one is crazy: Kathy Bacon.

  7. I’m only the vice-Crazy, miss Bacon is the main cray-cray

  8. HatM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How dare you!

    Dare you what? What was I talking about? I can’t remember.

    Oh, wait, I have to take a picture of my whip-cream-less pastry!

    Only Love guys!!!! Gracious, we are fluffy not fatties 🙂

  9. No doubt. You’re the crazy if you don’t remember.
    Whipped cream on your beard would be a perfect picture proof of it.

  10. I hope your “whipped” “cream” “pastry” are not terms describing your vajayjay, cause we don’t want pictures of that!

  11. We’re fluffies because we’re puppets and Big Fatty is the puppeteer!