BFO1074 – Dr. Pecker

Dear Gussie it’s FRIDAY! The Fat One finishes reading about the state factoids and natters about other stuff too. Happy National Crab Meat Day.


  1. Elementary my dear Watson!

    Falls Church, VA – Cheerios himself. Hah! Smarty pants! Least you didn’t say I cause little quakes when I walk 🙁

    Don’t record the Monday show w/o my Contest call 🙂 puhleeze!

    Okay, what else …. Oy! I will think of it later!

  2. The pain is maybe gone, but we still hear it!

  3. By the way, I really enjoyed the simple jokes. Absolutely the good level for my brain. Apart from one or two (cause you eat your words) I understood all.

    Though I did have to think twice about the South Dakota joke you said. Had trouble realizing who you were talking about. Crazy.