BFO1075 – I Don’t Remember

The Fat One natters about the weekend before the new contest is announced. Happy National Baked Scallops Day.


  1. He he..the party was today at Brian’s(it’s a holiday) and I had to decline as I know I would not make it to work tomorrow.We went on a very nice bike ride yestreday to The Moomba Festival on a very beautiful sunny day.If the party was yesterday, the call would have been made for sure.
    Next year..

  2. Hah! I did not get my picture loaded! Got busy doing the college kids taxes so I could get a signature!! I will do mine right after work! What the people don’t know is they get to vote and pick & choose – need to give it a couple days and call in with more instructions. This is an inter active game! And I don’t want you to have to do any of the work so I will do that soon & let you know when I do!


  3. Did you get my contribution Kathy? Please repost your email address again – here on the bfo comment section, it will do

  4. UBC outlet of the computra? What?
    You mean USB, right?

  5. Yea, Universal Bacon Conduit, what else could be coming out of the Fat Comutra?

  6. hahaha, kb

  7. I was so busy today – I did not get a chance to get back in here – I received the Kim Beavers entry – clearly the contest needs to be explained (again).

    Loved it so much!!

  8. Have you all noticed that every device I use has a different Name for myself? I am such a dork!!

  9. And you forget renaming them…