1989 Pat Sajak Show Opening – A Mulletfest

Many of you know that BF has been wanting the opening segment music from the old Pat Sajak Show on CBS. Who knew it would be found on the YouTubes. Talk about a catchy jingle. Of course, I still want the sheet music so if you are buddies with Tom Scott, please let him know. Note the Mulletfest in the band.


  1. THANK GOD the Big Fat One FINALLY found the Patty O’Sajak theme music. The YouTube search box can finally get a rest now. And we all know how Big Fatty loves a huge late eighties mullet. Das how he do.

  2. “Pat gets a physical”????? Ewww. I’m surprised you didn’t hunt THAT down on the YouTubes. Wonder if Vanna took his blood pressure?