It’s Coming, It’s Coming…..

The HORRAH Hotel is having intertube problems and I can’t get the LITTLE show to upload. I’ll try later on Friday so check back later today or perhaps this weekend. The WILL be a LITTLE show for you eve


  1. Oh dear, a day without the BFO is like a day without fiber 🙁

  2. Sure wish I would have come here before I ate. How am I going to get that food to come back up. Oh let me check if HatM did a little show, we all need a standby. Of course I blamed my phone. But why does daniel have a show on turds but not on his website.

  3. “we all need a standby”

    LOL!!!!! Brilliant 🙂 Hahahahahaha!!!!

  4. Good I’m not listening this week, otherwise I would be ranting about this interruption of service all the Intertubes !