BFO1194 – Drop the Soap

Sorry for the delay if you got this late. The HORRAH Hotel wifi wouldn’t let me upload Thursday night, but here it is now. RUINED as usual. The Fat One has voice letters, final Pride48 reminders and a review of the rest of the HORRAH schedule. Happy Weekend.


  1. Big Fatty the show isn’t working! Its not playing or downloading in iTunes. NO no no.

  2. I thought the world was coming to the end! No Big Fatty show for the drive in this morning. You forced me to listen to Anti Vera… FRIDAY RUINED.

  3. Not only is it pouring rain in the desert, there’s no BgFatty for my listening pleasure.

  4. test

  5. My day is ruined. No horror updates, no Michael Brandon updates.

  6. All good in the future.
    Awaiting one drunkiecast…

  7. Oh well, what did we miss, a tale of a bunch of old people at the Golden Hernia Inn…

  8. Its working now.