BFO1210 – Pacific Pooper

The Fat One is joined again by Dr. E. Pluribus Stone for a quick recap of Pride 48 weekend during which Dr. Stone shares several theories he’s done extensive research on. Happy Monday!


  1. Sounds like fun guys.
    Who knew this little podcast world you guys have could ever exist?

  2. So weird to listen to the BFO in the PTZ
    So good to hear about Dr Stone dropping some coils
    So happy to see that you had a good time

  3. You sound even more horrifying in the PTZ.

  4. I love horrifying 🙂 and I love you

  5. I HAD to have heard this one – Who knew Toppie was such an exaggerater –

    I suppose you – oh, Dr. Stone, yes I heard this one –

    I suppose you shut the comments off – yes, I heard this one –

    Okay – caught up – May I never do that again !!!!