Oh the Horror!

I’m sure more photos will be coming…. hide the children!


  1. Dad, is this where I inherited my body from???

  2. Horror is right!

    You look like a flesh-colored Christmas tree who is bleeding from her nipples.

    You gotta have a gimmick, I suppose.

  3. I’m imagining Big Fatty giving lap dances in that lovely outfit at the Becks Motor Lodge on his upcoming trip to the San Franciscos. You rock dahlink!

    Tim in Alaska

  4. shake those money makers

  5. Booger is right! Fabulous. What is that strange sparkly thing around your neck?

  6. My Eyes My Eyes

  7. Big Fatty,

    What is that hand doing in that purse?

  8. How many times have I told you? Never again skin-tight leggings out in public! But I love your pocketbook – it is fabulous!