BFO1338 – Hunk of Horse Hockey

The Fat One humps a LITTLE show for you with a talk about programs on the TV machine, a visit to Spotting Big Fatty, voiceletters and a little advice. Happy Humping.



  1. First in the Bacon Lottery!

  2. Some exclusions may apply ^^^^^ no nudity.

  3. KB, What type of bag are we going to be in this time? Ileostomy bag? Urostomy bag? Grocery bag? I hope it’s the Ileostomy bag. Flatulence makes me giggle.

  4. First lesbian – bacon rules!

  5. Your name will be entered into my May Basket.


  6. 3am is far too early for me to remember any details.

  7. Thanks for your encouragement, Big Fatty! I really feel like you’re speaking from an intention to help others live happily, and I appreciate that. Your positivity is infectious, but I hope that is all… 😉

    I am not totally aware of what has been going on in the podcast community regarding aging, so I’m not sure if what I wrote was particularly unfortunate in timing. I would like to say though if I have done something that discourages others or is hurtful I am truly sorry, and I would be open to feedback about how to be more sensitive in the future. And…you’re fat!

  8. Not a big fan of the reality & quiz programs so it’s good to hear the new Dallas is worth watching. Need scripted shows to rot my brain.