BFO1347 – The Grumpy Fat

The Fat One natters about sportball today before giving a Pride48 update and visiting Spotting Bit Fatty and The Lodge. Happy National Spinach Day.

Here the link for the “On the Road” story.



  1. Meeeooww 🙂

  2. That’s disappointing news that there won’t be live remote shows during the September Pride 48 event, if I heard correctly.

  3. That’s old news doctor stone.

    But thanks for the comment.

  4. Why is str8Bob not commenting.

    Ticking me off.

    I love Kim. Did you see how beautiful she is?!?!

  5. The comment machine still does not work right 🙁

  6. I miss Bob, too – thank you KB, but let’s be honest, you are the beautiful one of us, just check your new mirror 🙂

  7. That is the second time I have seen the “On the Road” story – it rocks! Pay it forward everyone!!!

  8. Beaver!!!!! That is a button missing the pin :D.

    Sort of like the sheriff badge without the pin!

  9. That story was very sweet. I love when stuff like that happens.