BFO1393 – He Was a Truant

The Fat one finishes talking about the big Hat Cave move but still has time for a visit to Spotting Big Fatty and a few e-letters. Happy Humping.



  1. I laaave the bfo app! I’m so sad it’s going away. Meh.

  2. As long as your begging……it’s OK.
    I’m so busy, I could use the help.
    Str8 boyfriend #1
    (nought,and that Phil in Oregon can fight it out who is #2 and #3)

  3. Such organization! You could be a move planner in your retirement and help unorganized people expedite a tedious process.

    When we moved we used Rubbermaid containers and unloaded them into the new house. Smoothest move ever.

    Last week of the work hiatus. :D.