BFO1478 – A Mile Away

The Fat One has nothing today so he natters with Poodle the whole time. Sit back and enjoy the event. Happy Humping!

Here’s the Archie Bunker link.



  1. Thank you very much Big Fatty & Ms McNoodle 🙂 Unbelievably I have not unsubscribed to the little show. Do you know that I am listening since day 1 – I was amongst those few who knew about the BFO even before it was publicly announced (thanks to a quite handsome US/NZ gentleman and kiwi leaks)
    There will be cake with so many candles that it would be easier to set the house on fire than to light them all I guess. Thanks again and lots of love from STGT and Torshavn 🙂

  2. Best line: “…and since I I’m going to stop reading now…”