BFO1502 – In the year 513…

The Fat One natters about a few LITTLE shows before opening something in the P.O. Box. Plus there are more (but not all yet) 1,500th voice letters. Happy Tuesday!



  1. Momo????? Lol – in East-Mexican that would be Moo Moo I guess lol

  2. He’s a bit mentally fatigued KB…..Cocktober was wery,wery, busy.
    Bring on (ho)Movember!!!

  3. Lovely music !!xx

  4. Cocktober must have been full of beeroktober

  5. 4 in one weekend!?!? I just want to know the secret of how you keep that fire ablaze. Is bacon the new oysters?

  6. Looked up the momo on the urban dictionary : how Dare the Poodle!!!

  7. Z suggested I subscribe to Skype computra to call service. The call cost me $0.15 (but actually the whole thing cost me $7, that means I can call you 46 more times and read the phone book)