BFO1503 – Shiraz, Merlot or Lamborghini

The Fat One finishes the 1,500th episode voice letters but still has time to natter about a giftette and several e-letters. PLUS we make a visit to Kim Beaver’s Lodge. Happy National Candy Corn Day.



  1. I am glad that today’s show art shows a very old picture of BF – thank goodness he got rid of that mullet

  2. Happy 1500Th Podcast BF! I’m 3 episodes behind (#1 Lurker of 2013)

  3. Well if that ain’t the truth Graveetas!

    This whole year I could have been having monthly prizes and games and …. Never mind.

    I have got to say that’s one Ab challenge motivating picture if there ever was one.

    Hey fat! My hiatus is boring.

    Working six hour days for two months will not be boring though. Came here to find a show to listen to since I left my iPad at home and I no longer used my iPod to listen to shows. As of now.