BFO1522 – Bag the Bacon

The Fat One is out of the Fat Cave and Poodle is poopy but gets better. There are voice letters, including an Ask Big Fatty question, and some travel tips. Happy National CAKE Day.



  1. The Skull!
    Why did the snowman have his pants down? He was waiting for the snow blower.

  2. Squeaky kitty sound file and let poodle push the button.

    No one puts bacon in a bag!

    I dont want to ruin, and by ruin i mean improve, the election day show ~ no campaign this year.

  3. The chili was delicious, but it did have beans. 🙂 Thank you for the brooch explanation. Much appreciated. It was only some family visiting and someone wanted to watch football, so I wanted food to match the experience. I even watched a bunch of sportsball! Hope you travels are going well and your fresh meat status brings many returns in the hawt gentleman caller area… 🙂

  4. Awww, did the Squeaky Kitty not fit into the bag with the other sex toys? 🙂