Apple Snack-a-palooza

Big Fatty and Larry Klye attened the Grand Opening of the Apple Snack store on King Street in Charleston on Saturday morning. There was a long line, free water from Steve and chanting… oh and the FABULOUS free, boxed black t-shirt. Hear more about it on the Monday casting.  Here’s a link to the tv coverage that you can watch…. BF can be seen at the very beginning.


  1. They had your size? Cool!

  2. I’m all about the bowing down to the Apple.

    Recent convert.

    Worship at the Mac Alter.

  3. a

  4. Poopy – tried to click on the link to tv coverage and the video would not play! Can’t get to see BF in a line

  5. You sound like you just won prom queen in your animated story about the Apple Snack store…lovely.

  6. Helllo!!! Is this thing on??? It wont work for me, either )=