BFO1697 – Five Months Until Chrima

The Fat One closes out the week with the last Gus Chad card, some Big Brother nattering and voice letters including two Ask Big Fatty questions. Happy weekend!



  1. Poor Ms Beaver 🙁
    I am full of admiration for the wonderful art works of Mr Chad. Some of them are
    terrifyingly close to the real thing.

    PS quite accurate description of cousin Michael. He loves his Lederhosen!

  2. Ólavsøka!

  3. Merry Chrima to you. Wanted to be the first. : )

    Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Mrs Beaver I still waiting to paint the famous Kim Beaver. Come Bacon did it. Who the lady behind the beaver? Ya I said it you stop laughing Fatty. Please! Mrs Beaver?

  5. I am to fat, there is not enough paint in the world 🙂

  6. I painted Vera and Big Fatty and had enough paint.

  7. Lol 🙂 but they are tiny little things in comparison

  8. Nah! Don’t believe it Mrs Beaver. Beside I’m only painting your head & shoulders. Come on its for a good cause.

  9. You painted Auntie Vera’s pappe mach head and gave her teeth! If that is not creative imagination I don’t know what else is!