BFO174 – Tongue Lashing

Big Fatty has HAD IT!  He chews someone a new one but turns into an old softie in the end.  Happy Friday!


  1. Yikes! You gave it to Auntie Vera! Poor thing. I hope she can recover from this one.

    I did watch the Flintstones and loved that one. I knew the music of course.

  2. I just love cranky old people bitching about each other – wonderful 🙂

    What would be my last supper? Cocktail & Ham maybe?

  3. Have fun at the horror hotel! I am afraid that you’ll have to drop your pants to let
    your hair down, honey 🙂

    Ewwww – to picture this is too gross – even for me 🙁

  4. How awesome was that Winston commercial. I love it when 4 year olds smoke.

  5. Um hmmm. Well. That gauntlet wasn’t just thrown…it was HURLED.

    Let the games begin kisses……..
    Vera 😉