BFO175 – Demisemiseptcentennial Show

Big Fatty reflects on the first 175 episodes by wondering if he’s being too rough on Old Auntie Vera.  There’s also special music courtesy of John from Ely and some “Memory Lane” music.  Happy Monday.


  1. You’re most definitely not being to hard on Auntie Vera. And now that I’ve used “hard on” and “Auntie Vera” in the same sentence, I must go rinse out the vomit from the back of my throat.

  2. I agree with Freddy, you’re not being too hard on Auntie Vera. Plus, she’s a big girl, she can take it.

  3. Ohhhhh Boy…if I could only figure out how to post my show, you would be in SUCH trouble!!!!!!

    Broken link kisses,

    PS – @(F)reddy… Hey now
    PPS – @Archerr… Hey hey now.

  4. You’re not being hard ENOUGH on Auntie Vera! She likes it HARD.

  5. HAhahahah that fat face