BFO188 – Trainwreck Friday

The Fat One is making up for lost time this week.  There’s nattering, singing, voiceletters and so much more to get your weekend off the rail.  Enjoy!


  1. Sweet mother of god! You were singing through the whole show! My ears were bleeding! But I did enjoy that song about trying to remember. I could relate to that one.

  2. Yes, Monday is Labour Day (and thank U for spelling it correctly), but that’s Sunday in the US, and you don’t podcast then so OF COURSE I won’t be listening! Silly goose) speaking of which, did they have Red Goose Shoes where you grew up? I really wanted the prizes but never got them…). I actually DO remember that “remember” song and such, probably from when it was new, but I remember it sounding better. Maybe it’s just me. And, since I can’t see the entire right hand side of my comment, this might be mostly gibberish, inwhich case it’s RUINED, too.

  3. This must have been the fattest song bird in the Northern Hemisphere 🙂