BFO190 – Snowflake Challenged

The Fat One is Old and forgot to use the correct microphone for the first half of the show but suddenly remembers it after lots of “goating.”


  1. My Ears My Ears!!!!!! This is definitely a case for PETA – how dare she sing in front of those poor sheep!
    I guess after this everybody else will be most glad and relieved that she is your exclusive only –

    I loved that farting fax voice letter – lol 🙂 Oh, please don’t worry about your sound quality, I’m afraid that would be the last thing to worry about, dear… 🙂

    Oh by the way, did you manage to squeeze yourself into that new harness? Has it extensions? We need pictures 🙂

  2. RUINED! I don’t know why you had to vacuum during the first half of this show. Even though, I was able to hear that fart!

    Loved the sheep from Kim Beaver.

  3. My guess is that if your computer didn’t have a buit in Mic, the first half of your show would have been silence?

  4. b u i L t