BFO2438 – Southern Carb Salad Recipe

The Fat One has a full LITTLE show with lots of nattering about Poodle’s Celebration of Exiting the Birth Canal plus there are some Haikus and the weekly coupon. Happy National Cheese Soufflé Day.


  1. Apparently you hit a button when you hit the Haiku bumper. It actually sounds like another theme, what is it from?

  2. Thank you Cathy M for the eel wishes.

    Yay poodle – if you ate enough cake to give you a bellyache and you did it up right

  3. Or WELL Wishes.

    Those darn broken bones they make me type wrong words all the time

  4. Now I’m confused – is this photo proof that Poodle is NOT a dog, but ACTUALLY a CAT!! Okay… No… Apologies… Okay! I’m going! I’m going! *curtseys to Poodle apologetically*