BFO2496 – Motel 5

The Fat One has special guests in the Villa and finishes recapping the weekend and the big eclipse with them. Happy National Eat a Peach Day.


  1. Congratulations guys,what a nice story.
    A pretty special relationship between Brian and BF as well.
    All the best guys.

  2. First off, congrats guys!!!! What a great story
    Secondly, when are we getting a virtual tour of the villa? I can suggest some apps that take full 360 degree pictures.
    And thirdly, if you aren’t BIG, and you aren’t FAT, are you at least ONLINE?? everything I thought I k ew is a lie!!

  3. An Eclipse Proposal , how very romantic! Congratulations to the happy couple!

    Big Fatty, your villa sounds like the place to be!

    Hugs Xxoo Francie

  4. Uh-oh..let’s hope N1NESB isn’t a chubby chaser.

  5. Congrats on your engagement. How sweet is that???

    Fart you have the best listeners ever.

  6. Tell N1Nestr8bf only in person tours.