BFO2846 – BFO Appreciation Episode #4

The Fat One is grateful for today’s special guest, his NeStr8BF Dan, for filling in for the Fat One. Sit back and enjoy his version of 20 minutes of Nattering. Happy National Fruit Cake Day.


  1. …and on that snowy night in NewYork, Dan ran out of vodka and had his first 6 gin and tonics.

  2. kidding….one small step for man, one giant leap for str8 boyfriends

  3. Good to hear from you, NEstr8bf. Most BFO listeners are Team Instinct… which goes with the color scheme of the website.

  4. I loved listening to straight daddy! If anyone knows where I can stalk him …err, follow him online, come hit me up on the twitty! Thank you straight BF!

  5. Holy reverb batman!

    I’m not on the twitty Chris but you can find me here if ya like!