BFO252 – Older Than the President

The Fat One deals with being old by nattering about stuff on the Kim Beaver website and other things… plus there are some voiceletters too!  Happy Thursday.



  1. Miss Wes has a crush on you??? Aww, I am so jealous!
    How old and how fat do I have to get to make him even look 🙁


  2. “Drunkie Cast ’09” T-shirts!! Please? I want ,I want,I want,I need,I need,I need……

  3. 83 dollars?! There must be a coupon code or something for the Go Daddy someone can gve you, that sounds like a lot of money? Well I don’t do the web designs so I don’t know, it just sounds pretty high to me. You need to hoist a donate button on this thing!

  4. My, my, my. Someone is a bit distracted today.

    You should collect $1 from each of your listeners to help you with your annual fee.