BFO3061 – Flo and Jake

The Fat One is back with a recap of Gay Chrima and the first half of the weekend in Fat Acres. Happy National Candy Day.

Gay Chrima Cards and Postcards

Here are the postcards the Fat One recently received and the Gay Chrima cards he opened on today’s LITTLE show.

BFO3060 – Woodworm

Rabbit, Rabbit! It’s the start of the Chrima season and the Fat One celebrates by reading his Gay Chrima cards before sharing a special treat — a Friiiiiiday kerfuffle. Happy weekend!

BFO3059 – Ear Pods Pro

After the Vulgarian National Anthem, the Fat One closes out the month with lots of nattering, the coupon and a death phone call. Happy Gay Chrima to all!

BFO3058 – Betrothed

The Fat One is back with a recap of his day in Fat Acres and an annual visit down Memory Lane with a BFO Classic, “The Night Before Gay Chrima.” Happy Humping.

BFO3057 – Lost in the Moment

The Fat One is back with a recap of his day in Fat Acres, a Technology Report and a voiceletter. Happy National Oatmeal Day.

BFO3056 – Start of Gay Chrima Week

The Fat One starts off Gay Chrima Week with lots of nattering about the weekend plus an EXELLENT content submission from Dr. Stone. Happy National Chocolate Day!

BFO3055 – Grey Chrima

The Fat One has a train wreck of a LITTLE show for today with LOTS of nattering and a voiceletter. Happy Final full weekend of Daylight Saving Time for 2019.

BFO3054 – Pinks and Whites

The Fat One has a full LITTLE show with a recap of his day, to include the coupon, and lots of nattering. Happy National Bologna Day.

BFO3053 – Larry is Average

The Fat One has a report on his special day of upkeep at the Villa plus there’s a voiceletter. Happy Humping!