BFO314 – Calling ’em Out

Big Fatty answers some questions and e-letters, before he hits the Listener Map and calls some slack people out… including Larry the Lurker!  Happy Friday!


BFO43 – It’s Phoolish

BF welcomes new listeners to the BFO. There’s “Memory Lane” music and an update on the lawsuit filed by C*nty McC*ntc*nt.


BFO39 – It’s Horrible, Horrible, Horrible, Horrible…

I ramble so much that I thought my hair was going to turn red. Cartoon Week continues on “Memory Lane” music just in the nick (at night) of time.


BFO004 – Kickin’ Ass, or is it Ash, Wednesday

Big Fatty chats about some podcasts and sets one podcaster straight on sports teams.


BFO002 – Buper Sowl (pronounced Booper Soul)

More listeners comment, call and get on the map.