RUINED Vocabularium

Big Fatty’s words are sometimes as confusing as Archer’s TIA ramblings. If you don’t know a word or a person I mention, e-letter me. Here are some things that might help for now.

Cast of Characters

Brian from Boston – Historian of Big Fatty Online

The Hats – Parental Units (sometimes seen wearing an orange hat)

Larry H. Vader (V-E-D-E-R) – Former host of the Little Fattycast

Miss Kitty – A dear friend who often travels with BF for HORROR events.

The Skull – Former receptionist at the Coal Mine famouse for her “GOSH” exclamations and themed sweaters.


Coal Mine – A place of “work”

Computra – Any computer (Apple preferred)

E-Letters – Any e-mail.

The Finger – Oh come on… you know about the FINGER.

The Horror (sometimes spelled HORRAH) – Any event or person relating to the leather community.

MEH – Big Fatty noise. When heard, RUN.

Poopy Music – Music played on The Price is Right when a player doesn’t win.

Quiz Programs – Any game show or reality TV program.

Voice Letters – Any audio message.