BFO737 – Sounds Simple Enough

The Fat One continues to tell about the long weekend activities which included a trip to the P.O. Box.  Happy National Mousse Day.

BFO736 – Cyber Morning

The Fat One begins telling about the extended holiday weekend but natters so much that he doesn’t get very far.  Happy cyber shopping on the intertubes today.

BFO735 – Gazing With Dr. Brewer

It’s a special BLACK Friday episode of The Gaze with the father of the one and one Daniel Beiber.  Happy leftovers!

BFO734 – Fannie Farmer

It’s a Day of Gluttony in the USA and the Fat One fills you up with 20 minutes of…. something.  Watch for the giant VERA balloon on the parade today!  Happy National Black Friday Eve Day.

BFO733 – Wanna Fly? Drop Your Fly.

The Fat One is getting ready for the big Day of Gluttony but still has time for some voiceletters and a heaping serving of nattering…. plus a scratch-off or two.  Happy Hump Day.

BFO732 – Jesse Beiber

The Fat One natters and doesn’t have a clear thought throughout the entire LITTLE SHOW.  Don’t try to understand it, just sit back and watch it go off the tracks.  Happy National Eat a Cranberry Day,

BFO731 – Philip Capice

It’s Thanksgiving Week in the USofA and the Fat One is all excited.  There’s Chex Mix and a special anniversirarium on the LITTLE SHOW during “Memory Lane” music.

Dear Gussie!  The Fat One realized he forgot to mention a special day on today’s LITTLE SHOW so that will take place on the CHEWSday show… but everyone wish Tom from the Chicargos a Happy Exiting the Birth Canal day today.

BFO730 – Állatvilág (That’s Mexican)

The Fat One finishes with the voiceletters today and an update on Miss Kathy Bacon’s coat.  Plus there was a trip to the P.O. Box AND an incredible coupon!  Happy Full Moon weekend.  Remember, NO LFC on Friday night.

BFO729 – It Was Poodle McNoodle’s Fault

The Fat One explains what happened to the Wednesday LITTLE SHOW and then natters about a great website before taking some voiceletters.  Plus there’s a new ending to the voiceletter segment. Plus there’s a guest appearance by Miss Kitty!

BFO728 – Shootin’ Stars

The Fat One heads down into the Fat Cave to talk about the Quiz Programs but also natters about other things (which he and Poodle McNoodle cannot remember at the moment).  Happy Humping.