BFO2455 – Fouled Monkeys

The Fat One recaps Pride48 weekend with lots of nattering about the event. Listen to the BFO shows from the weekend on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and then BF will return for a new LITTLE show on Friday. Happy National Chocolate Pudding Day.

BFO2454 – Eric Day

The Fat One closes out the week with nattering, some cards and a couple of e-letters. Don’t forget to tune in to the Pride48 Kick-Off show 7:45pm in the evening tonight followed immediately by Big Fatty at 8pm in the evening. Happy Pride48 weekend.

BFO2451 – History of Father’s Day

The Fat One is back with some nattering, the completion of the weekend report, the last of the Haikus and a preview of the Big Brother contestants. Happy first day of Summer (Northern Hemisphere only).

BFO2450 – Vera Glaze

The Fat One starts off with some feelings about the first Father’s Day without the Orange Hat and then recaps the weekend which included a gentleman caller, a visit to the Von’s East, catching up on the tv machine and much more. Happy National Dry Martini Day.