BFO2263 – They All Look Dirty

The Fat One closes out the month with the Vulgarian National Anthem, some quiz program talk, some Vader (no Bacon) calls and more. Don’t forget Rabbit, Rabbit tomorrow morning! Happy Weekend.


BFO2262 – On Poodle’s Behalf

The Fat One has a full LITTLE show today with LOTS of nattering about the coupon, the Dancing’, Finnish Nut Cake, Taxes, other LITTLE shows and words and phrases that are disappearing. Happy National Coffree Day!


BFO2261 – Closing The Loop

The Fat One has a list today that includes, nattering, something in the Villa mailbox and voice letters. Happy Humping!


BFO2260 – Food and Liquor… Lots of Liquor

The Fat One is back in the Villa but has an actual recap of the weekend and PROOF that there is something more horrifying than the Friday and Monday LITTLE shows. Happy National Corned Beef Hash Day.


BFO2259 – Gummy Bear

It’s another HORRAH Hotel cast so it’s not for the faint of heart. BF and Granny are headed back to Charleston today and a regular LITTLE show from the Villa on Tuesday. Happy Monday!


BFO2258 – Get the Lube!

The Fat One FINALLY got the LITTLE show to post as there was a server problem with GoDaddy. Hopefully it is worth the wait. NOT for the faint of heart!


BFO2257 – HRH Fartina von Fisthoven

The Fat One is on his way to the HORRAH hotel for the weekend but recorded the LITTLE show before departing which includes the coupon, voice letters, something in the Villa mailbox and some general nattering about quiz programs. Happy First Day of Fall!


BFO2256 – Peace Day

The Fat One devotes most of the LITTLE show to discussion about the quiz programs but there is some other nattering about the sling, gas and red rain. Happy Humping!


BFO2255 – Citizen Patrol

The Fat One has a show filled with Vader calls after a quick visit to Spotting Big Fatty and a little Dancing’ nattering. Happy National Rum Punch Day.