BFO42 – That’s a FAT Ladies Porn Site

BF chats about other podcasts before playing some “Mystery Lane” music…. huh?


Casting Couch

Big Fatty is directing the stage production of “Biloxi Blues” in September with auditions in July. You’re welcome to audition, come see the show or just enjoy some inappropriate touching on the casting couch. We love a show with young men in uniform… and underpants.



BFO41 – Gazing at the Florida bar

BFO listener and soon-to-be-podcaster Ryan invites listeners to a pool party during Gay Days in June in this episode of “The Gaze.”


BFO40 – I talk like a seasick sea serpent

The Fat One gets a call from C*nty McC*ntCunt’s sister after he plays another cartoon entry from the “Memory Lane” music files. Voice letters too!memlanemusic1.jpg

BFO39 – It’s Horrible, Horrible, Horrible, Horrible…

I ramble so much that I thought my hair was going to turn red. Cartoon Week continues on “Memory Lane” music just in the nick (at night) of time.


BFO38 – Who needs an iPhone? I’ve got a Bag Phone!

Yup, that’s right… more voiceletters. Plus Cartoon Week continues on “Memory Lane” music.


BFO37 – C*nty McC*ntc*nt Returns

It’s another voiceletter-palooza today prior to the start of a special week of “Memory Lane” music.


BFO36 – Terminally Gazing

Big Fatty welcome Tim from the Terminally Single podcast into The Gaze sling… (I wish).