BFO563 – Too Much Poopiness

Dear Gussie – The Fat One has a lesson in handling poopiness today.  The Full Moon has caused some bad things but we will all get through it together.  Say goodbye to March…. is it going out like a lamb or lion?

BFO562 – Rabbit Poop

The Fat One explains the PAssover traditions as he knows them before recapping the weekend, the new furniture and a look at the Quiz Programs.  Happy National Peanut Month.

BFO561 – Gazing With Steven

The Fat One is feeling better and has a chance to sit down with Steven from Wisconsin (and others) in a special episode of The Gaze.  Happy Full Moon!

BFO560 – Special Envoy

Dear Gussie, someone sounds like a 100-year-old shut-in on today’s show but still is able to take the train off the tracks and throw in some voiceletters to boot.  It’s Puppet Show Weekend in Chucktown so there should be plenty to natter about on Monday.  Remember to get your palm read on Sunday.

BFO559 – Good for a Cackle

There’s alot of strange things happening on the intertubes and Big Fatty has uncovered a few in voiceletters to other shows.  Plus there is an update on light bulbs!  Woo Hoo!

BFO558 – Fussbudget

3 words – – Off the tracks!  It starts with the Gingerbear and #teamjulian ruining the opening and then the Fat Onen forgets the microhoist.  But it’s Steven from Wisconsin week and so that’s the only thing that saves the show… and some voiceletters too.

BFO557 – I Heart to (Rhymes with Heart)!

Dear Gussie.  There are so many twists and turns that bring this show together than everyone will be surprised as to how it turns out.  Lots of information and several COUPONS for everyone to enjoy.

BFO556 – Vile Sheers

It’s “Steven from Wisconsin Week” and it starts off with a review of the weekend, a surprise and news of the 2010 Gay Days trip.  Happy National Celery Month.

BFO555 – Money Grubbers

The train is way off the tracks today.  There’s nattering, “Blowing It Out,” voiceletters and the coupon all stuffed in the last show of Winter 2010.   Happy Weekend.

BFO554 – Poor Ping Ping

The Fat One tests your listening skills with the LONGEST EVER opening sound clip but gives credit to the Sea Hag for her editing skills.  There’s a preview of the sportsball weekend beforea special “Memory Lane” music.  Happy Thursday.