8 thoughts on “BFO562 – Rabbit Poop

  1. Could one be made that interrupts the program with a buzzing when a gentleman caller enters a 500 yd radius of the Fatcave?

  2. …I’ll put the time machine project on hold and see what I can do if you already don’t have one.Doh!

  3. I have listened to the show because I am in Oklahoma wandring the streets. Which is irrelevant.

    I read the title and thought back to my residence before my current one and it made me think of, what else? Rabbits.

    I used to throw the parts of the vegetables we didn’t eat in the yard. Well, one winter after the snow melted I walked in the back yard and it was full of rabbit turds.

    Sorry – we tried talking the vegetables pieces away from the house but they tracked I back I am guessing because they were always hanging out around the house.

    I am sure that your title is named because you have a story similar to mine.

    In case you haven’t heard lately, you’re fat!

    (Course I am still fatter than I thought I was).

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