BRO432 – The Long-Awaited Phone Call

It’s the last day of September and Big Fatty tries to remember to play a very special phone call or 4.  Have a great hump day.


BFO431 – Nat-O-Rama

It’s another natterfest today with BF chatting about some other podcasts, quiz programs and more before playing a voiceletter or two.  Happy National Linguini Day.


BFO430 – Amos & Andy and the Chicken Flu

The weekend is over but the Fat One is not ready for it to end.  He chats about all sorts of thingamabobs but the highlight today is a preview of the upcoming 4-minute voiceletter from Jeremiah.  Happy Yom Kippur to all of the Mexican listeners.


BFO429 – Fat, Fat, Fat Friday

It’s off the tracks from the opening clip and stays that way for the whole 20 minutes.  They can’t all be content enhanced.  Listen for the LFC live show on Pride48 tonight at 7pm EDT.


BFO428 – I’m Here to Shave You!

The train is off the nattertracks as BF chitta-chats about fiber, bagels, surgery and “Dancin’” before playing some voiceletters.  Happy National Bologna Day!


BFO427 – Does the Beaver have the Fever?

Big Fatty natters through today’s show by reading some e-letters and giving a first impression of the “Dancin’ With the Stars” Menz.  Plus there’s some computra and iNatter 3Gs info.  Happy Hump Day.


BFO426 – BBQ Meats

The Fat One natters a bit more about Hurricane Hugo before heading down into the Fat Cave and playing some voiceletters.  Happy first day of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere (Fall in the Northern one.)


BFO425 – Two Decades Ago

The Fat One recaps the weekend and what was going on 20 years ago when Hurricane Hugo passed over Charleston.  It’s “Memory Lane” of a different type.  Happy Last Day of Summer (Winter in the Southern Hemisphere)!


BFO424 – Air-Tight Underpants

The Fat One closes out the week with a “Blow It Out” and some basic chitta-chat.  Don’t forget to listen to the return of the Little Fattycast tonight at 7pm EDT on  Happy Weekend.


BFO423 – Fizzy Gravy

The Fat One natters it up about the Good Old Days and about his new Soda Stream beverage maker.  Happy Apple Dumpling Day!