BFO4180 – Seniorcise

The Fat One is back with a recap of the weekend which included a special Friday at Fatty’s, a trip to the Emergency Room, an Insurance update and a little culture. Happy National Plum Pudding Day.

BFO4178 – End of Year 16

The Fat One is, once again, joined by Daddy Ron for the final show of Year 16 of the BFO. The Fat One addresses the problem with the LITTLE SHOW not showing up in the iTurds (and other pod catchers), reveals yesterday’s cliffhanger, reads more #1 Fan submissions and generally natters. Happy National Pizza Pie Day.

Don’t forget the kick-off to Year 17 and the announcement of the #1, #2 and #3 fans of the BFO for 2024 during halftime of the Superb Owl on Sunday. The remainder of the #1 fan entries will be read before the drawing. Regular shows return on Monday.

BFO4177 – Flurry of Activity

The Fat One welcomes Daddy Ron into the studio today as he reads more #1 Fan entries before talking about his day which included ANOTHER coupon and plenty of nattering. Happy National Molasses Bar Day.

BFO4171 -Civil Defense Siren

After the Vulgarian National Anthem and some Good Morning greetings, the Fat One updates everyone on the #1 Fan entries and then a recap of his day in Fat Acres. There’s even time for the remaining scratch-offs. Happy National Hot Chocolate Day.

BFO4169 – Wisdom Teeth and Flip-Flops

The Fat One kicks off the final week of #1 entry submissions by recapping his weekend in Fat Acres which included a weather update, some Nip shenanigans, tax talk, a concert and a very strange dream. Happy National Corn Chip Day.

BFO4162 – Return to Regular Ruination

The Fat One is back to catch you up on the past few days (or at least what he can remember about them) which includes cold weather, the coupon and an order for 2024 Poke the Bear figures. Happy National Peking Duck Day.

BFO4158 – Sick of Leather Weather Weekend Yet?

The Fat One is at the Horrah Hotel for the festivities which began yesterday but took time to prerecord today’s LITTLE show which includes an Ask Big Fatty Question, a card and a rundown of the weekend’s events. Happy National Curried Chicken Day.