BFO389 – Death by Chocolate

The Fat One takes it off the tracks in the opening sequence and just tumbles into an end-of-the-month natterfest.  Happy National Go Commando Day!


BFO388 – Giant Tallywacker

The Fat One is back to a regular trainwreck filled with gas, voiceletters and a little breaking news.  Thanks to everyone who participated in the Kim Beaver Special Day yesterday.  Look for a special photo on the BFO today at noon!


BFO387 – Special Day!

Well the Special Day has arrived and the Fat One hopes that you appreciate this episode and others on the Interwebs as we all honor a special person with a Heart of Gold on St. Olav’s Day.  Check-out!


BFO386 – Mother Nature’s Candy

Well the Fat One is back today with another Natterfest.  He chitta-chats about smoking, grapes and praying…. yup, praying.  Plus there are some surprises.  Don’t forget that the Special Day on the Internets is TOMORROW!


BFO385 – Jugs O’Welcome

The Fat One brings a superior nattercast that leaves the tracks early in the process and just keeps crashing.  Happy Creme Brule Day!


BFO384 – Twenty-One Cents

The Fat One has a special skitette for your entertainment today before he answers a couple of “Ask Big Fatty” questions.  As a special weekend treat, come back to the BFO at Noon EDT and see the photo of the giftettes that the Fat One received this week.  Happy Weekend!