Yearbook Yourself, Just Like BF

The Fat One told you about the and here are some examples of BF at different time periods.  Oh the HORROR!

1950 and 1952 images; 2nd row: 1958 and 1990; 3rd row:  1996 & 2009



  1. LOL – you are gorgeous and wonderful in each and everyone of them!!!

  2. kids are seriously wearing their hair like that in 2009?? holy crap!

  3. In 1952 you were Ronald Reagan!!

  4. Too much fun. Thanks for the link- I’m going to go waste some time over there.

  5. In 2009, you look like the character from the Simpsons with the bone through his nose… I wish I could remember his name =/

  6. The Fat One has reminded me that it was Sideshow Bob. All you need is a bone in your nose. (And by nose I mean….)