BFO366 – Chinar

It’s nothing but nattering from the Fat One today.  Sit back and watch it go off the tracks.  Happy end-of-the-First-Half of 2009.


BFO365 – Missed Interstitials

The Fat One recaps Pride 48 weekend and plays some voiceletters to kick your week off right. Happy Almond Butter Crunch Day.

BFO364 – iNatter 3Gf

The Fat One closes out the REGULAR week with a Nattercast filled with Breaking News and voiceletters.  Don’t forget to join the Fat One for Pride48 on your computra or your iPhone.  Just go to http://pride48.comBig Fatty is ONLINE LIVE from 9-10 pm EDT on Friday, 10-10:30 am EDT on Saturday morning and will join Miss Wes from 8-9 pm EDT Satuday night. You can join the chat room talk or talk LIVE to Big Fatty via Skype too!  Happy weekend!


Note:  I will NOT be recording the Pride48 shows so listen LIVE!

BFO363 – Help Save the Lodge!

The Fat One has alot of e-letters to get through on today’s show but not before there’s BREAKING NEWS.  Happy National Strawberry Parfait Day.


BFO362 – Buddy Dump

The Fat One chats about several podcasts before playing all the voiceletters in the bag phone.  Time to get on the horn everyone!!!


BFO361 – Readjusting the Buttocks

The Fat One is having problems with the WordPress so the comments are all screwy as was the time shown for the Monday show.  RUINED.  Regardless, there’s plenty of nattering today about Father’s day, the instantPhone or inappriopriatePhone and snicka-snacking.  DC doesn’t have the only trainwreck…. too soon!


BFO360 – Miss Kitty’s Obituary

The Fat One is here with the LONG WEEKEND recap which included a headache, Tiara Horror, the coupon and…. oh yeah, a new instantPhone 3Gs.


BFO359 – Jöö Know?

The Fat One FINALLY has a day off from the Coal Mine but not from the dedicated listeners to the BFO.  There’s all sorts of BREAKING NEWS and we concluded the show with some answers to “Ask Big Fatty” questions.