BFO869 – A Sneeze of Tonic

The Fat One restarts telling about the Northern California Meet n Greet and about some giftettes he received (and LOTS of adult beverages).  It’s travel day so the Fat One will be in the Fat Cave soon.

BFO868 – Lovely Lung

The Fat One is so confused as to what day it is and what he’s done that he probably repeats himself.  Happy Memorial Day to everyone in the USA.

BFO867 – Club Foot

The Fat One has experienced his first full day in San Fran and shares a few details before playing some voiceletters and a “Blow It Out” with Big Fatty call.  Happy Memorial Day weekend.


BFO866 – Real Butter

The Fat One recaps his last evening in the Southern Californias before heading to the aeropuerto (Mexican for aeropuerto) and the near calamity involving dirty underpants.

BFO865 – Farewell Southern California

The Fat One recaps his time in Los Angeles and Anaheim with special thanks to Miss Wes for his escorting services.  VULGAH!  Happy Hump Day.

BFO864 – Tired Tootsies

The Fat One and Miss Wes forgot a few things about last weekend in the recap but give some details today.  Plus there’s a report on the Price is Right and BF puts on is Orange Hat.  Happy pre-hump day.

BFO863 – Grinding with Miss Wes

The Fat One is joined by Miss Wes from Live It Up! for a recap of the early part of the weekend.  He’ll be back for the Tuesday show as well.  Hope the Rapture was good for you too.