BFO2027 – I Vant You….

The Fat One closes out the month with the Vulgarian National Anthem, some voice letters and the opening of all the gay Chrima cards! Don’t forget to FALL BACK Saturday night to Standard Time!


BFO2026 – Billy Big Rig

The Fat One natters through the 20 minutes about the coupon before the latest episode of the Vader and Bacon Show BUT there is still time for a Gay Chrima card opening. Happy National Oatmeal Day.

Gay Christmas Week

BFO2025 – Be Nice!

The Fat One natters a bit before taking some voice letters. Then there’s more nattering about how we all need to be nice. Happy Humping!


BFO2024 – Soil Candles

The Fat One has a full LITTLE show today which includes news on Poodle’s vacation, some voiceletters and plenty of nattering. Visit Soy Candles by Phebes! Happy Full Moon!


BFO2023 – Spook House

The Fat One recaps the weekend at the Villa and then has time to read an article about beavers and a joke from the turnipHed. Happy National Pumpkin Day.


BFO2022 – The Coont

The Fat One closes out the week with a visit to the Villa mailbox, nattering and the Vader and Bacon Show. Happy Weekend!


BFO2021 – Vusic

The Fat One starts off by stating he has nothin’ but then fills the 20 minutes with the coupon, a visit to the Villa mailbox and LOTS of nattering. Happy National Nut Day.


BFO2020 – Fat Acres

It’s Back to the Future Day and the Fat One is nattering more than Marty McFly. There’s quiz program talk and some voice letters including some very sad news at the end of the LITTLE show.


BFO2019 – Send Digger!

The Fat One finally completes his nattering about the weekend which includes a report on Granny, a Gentleman caller report and much more. Happy National Brandied
Fruit Day.


BFO2018 – My Device and Lens

The Fat One has a technology report update before recapping a very full weekend of activity. Happy National Pretzel Month.