BFO3995 – A Memorial Day Kerfuffle

The Fat One is in the Connecticut for Meat-a-Palooza but recorded today’s LITTLE show before boarding the aluminum tube of death. There’s a recap of the first half of the weekend, some voiceletters and plenty of nattering. Happy National Coq Au Vin Day.

BFO3980 – Lots of Crowning

The Fat One is at the beach for the week but will be providing LITTLE shows none-the-less. Happy National Coconut Cream Pie Day.

Below is the QR code if you are so inclined and are able to help Young Nicklas. (Nicklas is his middle name in case you were confused.)

BFO3975 – May Day! May Day!

Rabbit, Rabbit! The Fat One kicks off the month with a recap of his weekend which included updates on Olive, a jam-packed Friday at Fatty’s, some recording with the Crispies and lots of nattering. Happy National Chocolate Parfait Day.

BFO3960 – Conway Twitty

Before departing for the home of the proprietors of Carolina Cheese and Provisions, the Fat One took time to pre-record today’s LITTLE show to recap the first half of the weekend. There’s a voiceletter, a couple of Nip stories and LOTS of nattering. Happy National Grilled Cheese Month.