BFO1743 – True Moose P. Fashion

The Fat One has trouble with math but eventually starts nattering after the Vulgarian National Anthem. Happy end of September.


BFO1742 – D.C. Hottie

The Fat One is back to a regular schedule and natters about leaving Lost Wages, gentleman callers and a little Grin Dr chitta-chat. Happy Monday!


BFO1741 – Vegas 2014 Live Show, Part III

The Fat One closes out the week with part 3 of his Live Vegas show plus there’s a little bonus coupon and nattering. Happy weekend!


BFO1740 – Vegas 2014 Live Show, Part II

The Fat One’s 2nd part of his Vegas Show is today which is also just 3 months until Chrima! Happy Crab Meat Newburg Day.


BFO1739 – Vegas 2014 Live Show, Part I

The Fat One is back in Charleston and catching his breath after the 2014 Pride48 event. Here’s the first 20 minutes of his live performance. Happy Humping.


BFO1738 – Vegas Recap #2

The Fat One finishes the update for Vegas today but is having a hard time getting the LITTLE show to upload. Poor Big Fatty.


BFO1737 – Vegas Recap #1

The Fat One (and a cackling Granny) recap the first part of Pride48 weekend and explain why there was no Friday LITTLE show. Happy Monday!


BFO1736 – Underhanded

The Fat One and Granny are in Lost Wages and didn’t have time to record BUT you still have a new LITTLE show (pre-recorded ruination). There’s nattering, a visit to Spotting Big Fatty and voice letters. Happy National Cheeseburger Day.


BFO1735 – Slot 24

The Fat One and Granny are on an aeroplano (Mexican for aeroplano) to Lost Wages but there;s lots of nattering for your to get over the hump. Happy Humping and travel safe if you are on your way to Las Vegas.