BFO1634 – About the Feather

The Fat One talks about yesterday’s LITTLE show and about his friend, Baby Jar. Plus there are some fun facts and brain teasers also. Happy Humping!


BFO1633 – Bloody Lip

The Fat one natters today about several things that happened over the weekend that he forgot over the weekend. Plus there is a Pride 48 update and a couple of voice letters before an unusual ending.


BFO1632 – Just Tap It!

The Fat One natters the entire 20 minutes about the weekend. Plus there is a coupon alert! Happy Monday.


BFO1631 – Where Does the Time Go?

The Fat One concludes the week with nattering, a Pride 48 update and some voice letters. Happy Weekend!


BFO1630 – Dot Guru

The Fat One has a LITTLE show filled with nattering, the coupon and some voice letters to include a “Blow it Out!” Happy National Pigs-In-A-Blanket Day.


BFO1629 – Yum, Ha Ha

The Fat One has a natterfest today which includes a visit to the P.O. Box and lots of chat about the quiz programs. Happy Humping!


BFO1628 – Fat Bit

The Fat One has a bacon-filled LITTLE show today with voice letters from several different people. Plus BF sets the record straight on something Str8 Bob wrote. Also there is some sad news at the beginning of the show. Happy National BLT Sandwich Month.


BFO1627 – Gettin’ Hitched

The Fat One recaps the weekend which also includes a visit to the P.O. Box. Happy Half-Priced Easter Candy Day.


BFO1626 – Eggs, Eggs, Eggs

The Fat One closes out this Good Friday with a visit to Spotting Big Fatty, the opening of Easter Cards and plenty of nattering. Happy Easter Weekend!