BFO301 – Meeting is a four-letter word

The Fat One was overleaded with meeting at the Coal Mine and e-letters too.  But there’s a big surprise near the end of the show.  Lamb or Lion?


BFO300 – Snickacast

The Fat One celebrates the 300th episode of the BFO with dinner and a surprise guest.  There’s munching and crunching and a couple of voiceletters.  Happy Monday to all!


BFO299 – Twat Giggle

Get ready for the derailing because the train never has a chance to move down the tracks.  There’s enough trainwreck in this one to last all weekend long.  Remember to “Blow It Out with Big Fatty” this weekend!


BFO298 – Upper Poopies

The Fat One is recovering from the 24 hour stomach bug but has lots to say before he plays one of the longest voiceletters ever.  Happy Thursday.


Flying Hag

A BFO listener sent this photo of the Sea Hag parasailing during her cruise on the Golden Showers Princess last November.  Please note that since these are “man boobies,” they do not need to be covered…. however, your eyes probably should be.  VILE!


Thank goodness this shot was EARLY in the cruise so we could see the fruits of her pre-cruise dieting.

BFO297 – Humdingers

The Fat One chitta chats on hump day about all kinds of stuff before playing several voiceletters.  Plus he reveals today the name of the new segment on the BFO.  Enjoy!


BFO296 – Varmits

The Fat One chitta chats about e-letters and other podcasts on today’s show.  It’s a natterfest at its best.  Happy Tuesday and National National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day.


BFO295 – Lethargicast

The Fat One feels like Uncle Joe from Petticoat Junction…. he’s a movin’ kinda slow.  There’s nattering and moaning and talk about some quiz programs but then BF perks up after a special phone call.  Happy Monday.