22 thoughts on “BFOFilmStrip1 – Surviving the Hoist

  1. Well. It looks like you had a blast of a time ! ! I was concerned during that landing.

    You can bet the Sea Hag didn’t have that kind of fun on the Golden Showers Princess.
    She couldn’t have held her water like the rest of the old codgers on her Veranda Class Senior Cruise.

  2. Jesus BF! You weren’t kidding when you said you had a rough landing!! Was that your new camera that took a beating? Other than the landing, it looked like a blast!! Thanks for sharing this. It was great!! Now I wanna do it 🙂

    Theresa in the Seattles

  3. You didn’t tell us you were gonna take a beatin’ at the end of the filmstrip.
    Ouch! Ooh! Ouch! Cantaloupe! Cantaloupe!

  4. Love the first film strip. Great view and as for the landing it belongs on America’s funniest home videos! looking forward to BFOFilmStrip2! lets hope you survive it! 😀

  5. Good God Big Fatty. What a landing! But the view up to the violence was beautiful.

  6. If you look closely in the beginning of the film, you can people on the beach scattering like chickens with their heads cut off like they use to do in the old Godzilla movies.

  7. I thought I recognized that Piggly shirt at Gay Days!! And you washed the spit-up off of it!!

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