BFO3125 – End of Year 12

The Fat One closes out his 12th year of LITTLE shows by being a whore… but he also reads some #1 Fan entries and has the official announcement of the February So-So Question Contest (not that anyone really cares). Don’t forget the Start of Year 13 during halftime of the Superb Owl and the announcement of the 2020 #1 fan on Sunday.

BFO3122 – Frog in the Throat

The Fat One takes it off the tracks from the very start as he recaps his day in Fat Acres. But that’s not all, there are #1 Fan entries, Pride48 news and the final voiceletters of 2019. Happy National Blueberry Pancake Day.

BFO3120 – The Pulverizer

The Fat One closes out the week with lots of nattering, some #1 fan entries, some wisdom and finally some very sad news. Don’t forget that the deadline for the #1 fan contest is 6PM EDT on Friday, Jan. 31, 2020. The picture of this week’s cards and giftettes will be posted at Noon today. Happy weekend.