BFO3424 – Premature Opening

The Fat One is back with a recap of his weekend and several pieces of sad news. Happy National Water Day.

BFO3419 – It Thematically Works

After some sad news, the Fat One has a recap of his weekend which includes a giftette and then plays a few voiceletters. Happy National Celery Month!

BFO3418 – Binding Agent

The Fat One closes out the last weekend of standard time by nattering about his day, some “getting old” kerfuffles and a moment of silence as Daylight SAVING Time looms. Happy National Baked Scallops Day.

BFO3410 – A Very Kind Soul

Today’s LITTLE show starts off with some sad news about a member of the Pride48 family. Afterwards, the Fat One recounts his day, talks a bit about a contestant on a quiz program and finishes with a So-So question. Happy National Banana Creme Pie Day (not observed at the mansion in Walnut Hills).

BFO3399 – Celabation

The Fat One takes it off the tracks early as he tells you about his weekend, provides a technology update, opens some VD cards and also has some very sad news. Happy half-priced VD candy day.

BFO3358 – Hateful

It may be the shortest day of the year but you still get 20 minutes of ruination filled with a weekend recap, some Chrima cards and giftette and some sad news as well. Happy Hamburger Day!

BFO3355 – Holiday Fumigation

The Fat One is back with a recap of his day, a 2020 Census and he opens some giftettes. Happy National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day.

BFO3343 – Chocolate Bomb

It’s the Beaver Moon and the Fat One is back to recap his weekend, play the winning entry in the Bacon Contest and another (actually 3) 2020 Census. Happy National Mousse Day.

BFO3320 – Spencer?

The Fat One is back with a recap of his day which includes something in the Villa mailbox and another 2020 Census. Plus a couple of bits of sad news too. Happy National Chocolate Day.

BFO3288 – Super Fan

The Fat One is back with a recap of the weekend, some nattering and a little sad new too. Happy National Cream-Filled Doughnut Day.