BFO2871 – Lots of Entries

After the Vulgarian National Anthem, the Fat One catches up on the #1 Fan Entries but there’s still time to get yours in Tprior to the deadline tomorrow at 5:00 pm in the evening EST. Plus we announce the winner of Miss Bacon’s Comments Contest. Happy National Hot Chocolate Day.

BFO2870 – Miss Dunaway

The Fat One has an update on his day in Hatlanta and some observations about the dynamics of Assisted Living…. plus there are more #1 fan entries! Don’t forget the deadline to enter the #1 fan contest is FRIDAY, February 1 at 5pm in the evening EST.

BFO2869 – 25 Words

The Fat One left his happy music at the Villa (poor Big Fatty) but still tells you about his day plus starts to read many of the #1 Fan Contest entries. Don’t forget that the deadline is FRIDAY at 5pm EST.

BFO2868 – Harp Solo

The Fat One recaps his trip to Hatlanta plus there’s a Derwood Medical Update. Happy Monday!

BFO2867 – Routine Procedure

The Fat One is on his way to Hatlanta but recorded today’s LITTLE show prior to departure. There’s lots of nattering about Celebrity Big Brother, BF’s day and even a voice letter from Uranus. Happy Weekend!

BFO2866 – The Greenpeace of Vulgarity

The Fat One has a unique LITTLE show today with voiceletters, nattering and a letter that made the Fat One kerfuffle. Happy National Peanut Butter Day.

BFO2865 – Looking Dapper

The Fat One has BIG NEWS today. He also natters about his day, including an off-schedule visit to the Von’s East, and the opening of a package. Happy Humping!

BFO2864 – Too Old and Too Cold

The Fat One is back in the Villa with a recap of the Leather Weather Weekend with a the VULGAH details. Happy National Blond Brownie Day.

BFO2863 – A Round of Water

The annual post-Leather Weather weekend drunkiecast is here and it is EPIC today! If you don’t enjoy this natterfest, shame on you! Happy Monday!