5 thoughts on “BFO2868 – Harp Solo

  1. Old people say the darndest things. It will get worse. You may start hearing family secrets that you never knew.

  2. Geez Figs, I think that would make anyone blubber. Made me tear up a bit just hearing about it.

    Also I don’t believe WiFi stands for anything. I think it’s just a name

  3. You are a good son. Makes my southern heart proud
    The days to come will be hard but mama fat gave you all the strength you will need to see her and you through this time.

  4. Dear Big Fatty,
    The best gift we can give our aging parents is time.
    My mom has been living with mild dementia for almost 13 years she hasn’t gotten
    any worse. Everyday is a new day, so we go with the flow. We visit her as much as we can
    and spend time. We have a big family , so she is still in the family home where she is
    most familiar and happiest. It is a part of our journey, we all get old, blessed are those
    who have people who love and care.
    With love & a laugh, Francie
    Hug Poodle & Squeeze Squeaky Kitty.

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